Encouraging Reads

Mommy, if only I could tell you
How I am waiting to be born,
I know your love will always
Keep me clean and warm.

Now I am close to our heart,
And soon I will lay on your breast,
Have your arms hold me tightly
‘Cause we will love each other best.
Then when I get bigger, Mommy,
I can help you every day,
I just know you will find time
To stop your work and play.

I’m thankful for you, Mommy,
Some babies can’t be born,
Their mommies have no love,
From their tummies they’re torn.
They can never feel the arms
Of their Mommy’s loving care,
They can never run and play,
They can never kneel in prayer.

I am hoping soon to see you,
So please don’t tell the nurse,
“I think I’ll terminate it,”
‘Cause it will only make you worse.

You might feel a little sick,
Perhaps very tired now, I know,
But, Mommy, I will love you and lots of love i will show.

And I promise you most of all,
I will thank Jesus every day,
That He gave you the grace from the clinic to turn away.

Excerpt from Inspirational Expressions by Thomas R. Steidinger

Jeremiah 1:5 KJV


YOUNG CHRISTIAN parents, we find you
so engaged and aware of the challenges your
children face now and WILL BE facing in
future. The world is a different place
than when we 
started raising our children.
And I am thinking that our parents said the
same thing when we began our journey of
parenthood 30-40 years ago.What does that
tell me? 
Stuff and things around us change
but somehow stay the same; challenges seem
to become more intense but then … there’s
nothing new under the sun

God wants us to trust him completely and especially
things out of our control. Parent your
littles with confidence that He will help you and guide
you with the big things and then don’t sweat the small
things. If your child writes on your newly painted
living room wall, for example, that might make you
go crazy. I know for sure, it made me go crazy. But I
am thinking now, I wish it hadn’t. Kids love to explore
and learn and are always asking lots of questions.

When you are tired and about completely spent
of their energy, lie down and take that nap with them.
It does them a world of good to have you snuggle with
them and it helps Moms and Dads regain rhe energy
they need to be that great parent. When you are
bogged down with the daily mundane tasks of caring
for a home and keeping peace among siblings and
getting every last chore done, remember to stop and
listen to that little voice that is “learning by asking”
and watching you work and wanting to “do it too!”

Pray and read with them often. It is so important
to teach your children to pray and love the word of
God. Christian parents, you are doing an amazing
job these days! Keep it up. This nation and world
need good families to promote godliness and
contentment in our somewhat godless society.

by Sis. Darlene Walder

Article from The Silver Lining, August 2017 pg. 51